I ended up downloading the Bluetooth drivers from their Taiwan site. Its not due to sleep, as I’ve already turned off sleep-when-closelid. My U has been dispatched already, very impressed, especially considering they also had to install Win 7 unless they received them pre-installed? Thanks for the insightful post: XP is terrible at playing HD video. If youve connected the antenna at the right spot, the sierra watcher should show you the signal strength of the network you’ve put in. Enter contact details and we will notify you, when the product is available.

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Even with the earphones the volume is pretty quiet. If you want a notebook there are other options to consider, if you want a netbook then the U is still a pretty good option. Can you install Vista 64bit? So the Sierra Benq joybook u121 is the best?

BenQ Joybook Lite U Eco [Laptop Specifications Central]

Thanks heaps mate worked a treat! My friend has benq joybook u121 spare license, so would save me the cost. I’m getting some impressive speeds with it using my Optus sim. Yay, Welcome me to the U club. I’m really really bwnq buying.

Benq joybook u121 walk past there several times a week, so I’ve found it pretty beenq for a lot of my computer needs: James, I’m using Win 7 Pro with my U How do our fellow U users condition your netbook battery? I got the u for its 1.


But that’s just product information. Our answer is a resounding “kind of. I’m weary that given how long it’s been out for, it’ll age quicker than newer models.

I only recently realised it when a friend mentioned it; both my “i” and “n” keys are ‘squeaky’. Only thing letting it down is the CPU Is benq joybook u121 a noticable difference between the Z and the pineview for say generally normal activities such as opening a webpage youtube, facebook PDF documents around 2 — 3 maybe? To use this device, contact your computer benq joybook u121 to obtain a firmware bemq BIOS update.

BenQ Joybook Lite U121 Eco netbook

No detailed release notes are available about what changes are in this update. Like anything jyobook is in miniature, the Joybook Lite U Eco is cute xx I think you have the sim card direction arse up though. The newly upgraded Razer Blade is the benq joybook u121 laptop for undercover gaming. Although Jofa R also notes; Edit: I believe Z has multiple “power” jobook to run.

Speeds are good too, this modem can benq joybook u121 up to 7.

I initially had some problems with the mic volume level. Is this what everyone else is getting? So, details like letters are bigger. I’d been sussing out a netbook for bwnq benq joybook u121 for uni and picked this up.


Benq Joybook Lite U Eco – External Reviews

I have found a workaround though, if 3G was off when it was switched off, then I just need to toggle the benqq switch for about 2 seconds as it is trying to switch on and that works. I have found the problem I have with sleep SO what is the solution you found for waking up from benq joybook u121 I tried to take some shortcuts but in the end I had to do it exactly as you explained.

The combination of these things is driving me nuts benq joybook u121 ive wasted countless hours trying to update the firmware for the modem and experimenting with different connection software to no avail.

I have found the problem I have with sleep. It sees the Telstra mhz network but it always fails to connect at the “authenticating” stage.