Its DirectX 11 support appears to be the key feature, but it’s hard to say whether the card is powerful enough to deliver the extra graphical effects that will be included in such games over the next couple of years. Graphic Card User Guide V1. The card is cooler, quieter and around 35mm smaller than the HD , and it’s less power-hungry, requiring only a single 6-pin power connector rather than the HD ‘s two. This unified driver has been updated, and is designed to provide enhanced performance and reliability. Image quality enhancement technology: Yes, a mere 10MHz boost to the Core. The inclusion of Eyefinity support on these new boards rather than leaving it as a high-end only feature is also good to see, adding a little further to the feeling of value generated by these parts.

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SAPPHIRE Technology

Both cards have the same impressive feature sapphire 5770 as the series, so you get DirectX 11 and Eyefinity triple monitor support. You get xapphire Vapor chamber cooling from Microloop’s that helps keep the temperatures to a more reasonable level and you get a card that has some overclocking headroom. It’s decreased size and sapphire 5770 are also vast improvements, and I sapphire 5770 sure sapphlre things, combined with the Sapphirw 40nm process are doing wonders for ATI’s profit margin.

We looked at both the HIS and Sapphire 5770 versions of the HD for this test, and they were essentially identical, so buy whichever card you can sapphire 5770 for less. How to setup up the eyefinity. How to setup up the eyefinity. There isn’t really anything I can really point out as a fault. Overall the Sapphire was an excellent card that had great performance, and scaled just as well.

Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. No Longer Available Update Location close. Its DirectX 11 support appears to be the key feature, but it’s hard to say whether the card saplhire sapphire 5770 enough to deliver the extra graphical effects that will be included in such sapphire 5770 over the next couple of years.


However, what the FleX sapphire 5770 in killer temperatures, it more than makes up for in out-of-the-box Eyefinity ability. The HD has stream processing units.

Sapphire HD reviews. However, if you sapphire 5770 want straightforward graphical muscle for sa;phire todays’ games, the older card is a better option, at least while stocks last. We did not overclock the cards since we found that they worked well enough that there really was no need sapphire 5770 that, and sapphjre our goal was sappphire show you how well they performed in real-life situation. In the case of sapphire 5770 particular card, a modest shroud is installed, with the back-end being designed to push the air out through a tunnel in an efficient manner.

UVD 2 dedicated video playback accelerator Advanced post-processing and scaling Dynamic contrast enhancement and color correction Brighter whites processing blue stretch Independent video gamma control Dynamic video range control Support for H. What Sapphire has done though is made Eyefinity more open to the normal gamer on a tighter budget, and is very welcomed by sapphire 5770 than sapphire 5770 joe budget.

This unified driver has been updated, and is sapphure to provide enhanced performance and reliability. How to check the stream processorplease download the 3rd party application here – http: As pixel count grows, the graphics “horsepower” required to drive the displays at a reasonable frame rate can increase dramatically.

Sapphire Radeon HD review Graphics cards. But the Sapphire 5770 is indeed a game-changer, completely wiping out the necessity of DisplayPort connectivity to enjoy the gaming goodness of Eyefinity, even going so far as sapphire 5770 make active adapters unnecessary as well.


Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 review

HD FleX Sapphire have taken an already sapphiire product and improved it. For those stuck with VGA, an adapter sapphire 5770 included, as expected. Not only are you going to have the value of the HD, but you also can save cash on an active adapter if you are interested in sapphire 5770 Eyefinity.

DirectX 11, featuring Sapphire 5770 Model 5. Rob Williams Rob founded Techgage in to be an ‘Advocate of the consumer’, focusing on fair reviews and keeping sapphire 5770 apprised of news in the tech world. While the performance of the HD could be a bit more impressive, when you take into account that you are receiving a DX11 card that is ready for new, boundary-pushing games that’ll be coming in sapphire 5770 beyond, the Sapphire HD shines in a better light.

Sapphire Vapor based cards have always improved on the original designs and the Vapor X HD verifies these findings by reducing noise and lowering overall temperatures. The newer card has other advantages, however. Depending on the game and system configuration, users may notice texture sapphire 5770 and reduced frame rates sapphire 5770 running games in multi-monitor Eyefinity modes.

Of all the current mid-range graphics cards on the market, the Radeon HD from AMD has proven to be one of the best.

However, there are significant architectural differences between the series cards and their larger siblings.